Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Diary of A Karachi vagabond (Part 1)

For them, the dog-eat-dog world idiom seems like an insult to the fittest survivor and overly Darwenian gali ka kutta, who first munches over the uncovered gutter and then snatches sooki hadiyaan from the hands of half-naked children, whilst they play post-dinner kancha-kancha in the corner. And later barks them off.

"Jis thaali mein khaaya, ussi mein chaid kiya"

Spending years around these hedonistic dicks, I have come to realize how adept they've become in the arduous art of constant baatein chodna about their seemingly puritan and righteous ethos. While they're smooth like that, it makes me wonder if actuality really matters. But lets discuss what matters and what doesnt later. Right now whats important is how they all exhibit chutyapa brilliantly, in their own, exclusive ways.

Of them, Sajjawal Soomro is truly a despicable and abhorrent little creature. Well, to be honest he isnt really that little. He's 6'2 but at the same time pretty inept and hopeless lund. Although I know him for quiet some time now, to be able to pick up his grandeur delusions in the uber bullshit, he never forgets to add sublimation of him being in the direct lineage of Alexander the great, whenever he talks.

Sala, chutiya.

As much as I want to hide my jealousy and deny his mojo with women, there is nothing that beguile ladies as much as the feeling that they are with Sajjawal himself. Or so he likes to think. What a choot.

He completed his Matriculation from Paposh Secondary and advanced to Alama Government College later from where he was promptly expelled when he put used sanitary pads in a professors bag. Though, I always knew he belonged somewhere else. He always fondly spoke of, and narrated bachi stories of his not-so-distant cousin who went to Karachi American School. I think he too belonged there. Yes, Karachi American School it was.

Gushti kaheen ka...(To be continued)

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