Saturday, March 13, 2010

Seriously? Blogging?

Isn't blogging so 2008? Well yeah. I didn't want my writing to go through public scrutiny thats why i never bothered creating a blog. Its a painful process for me, im not very fond of publicising my point-blank, bizarre, un-social and highly opinionated opinions. My 'My Documents' was overflowing with random writings of mine and my hard disk had no more space left. Thats when i decided to start a blog.

But no, seriously, when i dint have a blog i used to write about random things, whatever came to my head. well not obviously everything. i used to transform my thoughts electronically through the keyboard, the thoughts i was scared of losing because of shorter-than-goldfish memory i have. the precious ones.

precisely, the point of this blog is to do the same, a little structured this time so its comprehensible for the scanty readership i will be having. the point is to write what i believe in, say the things i otherwise cannot and be much more candid and sometimes overly explicit and bizarre for others. I dont want you to second my opinion and agree with my writing or support my bizarre thoughts vehemently, for that matter. read it, kill your time you would otherwise be spending Facebooking and commenting on others' status, asking them what they had for lunch today which makes them update their status as 'Bloated'. Seriously? I mean why the fuck did Facebook add that feature of status updates? or now as its known as 'What are you doing right now'? its funny how people on an average update this thing atleast twice a day and its funnier how irrelevant 'Friends' comment on it. This reminds me of this news a friend told me about the other day about a couple who while getting married stood in front of each other holding iphones in their hands, as soon as they were pronounced man and wife, they dint kiss each other. yeah, you got it right. those assholes changed their marital status from 'single' to 'married'. All my friends laughed this off. I dont understand, hows that funny? its strange how technology is stagnating humankind. The internet was supposed to set us free, speed up human development, not enslave us. but all it has blessed us with are stalkers' hubs known as social networking sites 24 hour free access to porn. It was supposed to combat elitism, not promote it.

Now, nobody can be blamed for it. Its a bad bad or a good good capitalist world. Im sure Mark Zuckerberg did not come up with Facebook for these pointless status updates or for those studying abroad to tag their pakistani counterparts in the pictures they took at the Dave Mathews' concert . However, things are changing and continually evolving. Facebook evolved , became commercial blue chip, billion dollar company. Its answerable to its shareholders and investors. Idiots love updating their statuses and commenting on others and thats how it makes profit. Bravo Fcaebook, bravo. Thats Marketing 101, give customers what they want and also give them what they dont want so they get hooked to what they dont want until it becomes something they BADLY want.

anyway i have realised one thing, with media and the Internet, you’re looking in a mirror. If you dont like something your seeing in the miror, youre the one with that fault. Ignore it or change it because others cant be blamed for it. Thats what im doing in he case of facebook. I ignore it. still, ironically, im the hater here, hating others for updating their status about how Sonya Batla's new lawn collection is to die for.

I want to write more. Later.
PS. Facebook is a whore, the classiest whore ever.