Sunday, March 4, 2012

Scarred (part 1)

beware of ides of march and wrath of a jaded woman. Really. The former killed Ceaser, the latter could wipe the entire male specie. Just one of a dozen ides occurring every year, I hear you say? And perhaps just one of many women around. But there was one who had something foreboding working against her. Or maybe for her. She had adopted extreme survival ways without excess thought, masochism inducing ways.

even as a kid, when she knew little about feminine anatomy and it's romanticized worth, she was raised to believe that purpose in life entailed being worthy enough to be picked as a mate by an able hunter of the tribe. Successful mating was all about fair skin, strong legs and ample bosom. That's where it all began.

when she reached of sound mind, she started realizing how the word 'survival' conjured up disturbing imagery for her. She decided to refresh her memory and rewrite the definition of it. Lack of self-efficacy well channelled.

even at this point she did not know much about the norms of the world around her, but she had sharp senses and great intellect, features that outshone her siblings. She moved swiftly through people and left a strange etching every time.

(to be continued)